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  Customers can now sign and tip directly on the the iPad screen with the latest release of Breadcrumb 2.5.2. Quick serve restaurants, cafes and bars can take advantage of this option and get customers in and out more quickly. The new payment screen includes three tiers of suggested tips that you can customize, eliminating the need for customers […]


According to research done by the National Restaurant Association, Mother’s Day is the most popular day of the year to dine out, with 38 percent of consumers reporting doing so. Want further proof that this will be your busiest day of the year? Check out some more fun facts, below: More than six out of 10 Americans […]


  The latest version of Breadcrumb— 2.5.1— is now live in the app store! Some of the cool new features in this release include the ability to hold items for tapas-style dining, a master checkout report, and enhancements to improve the offline mode experience. Hold Items: Hold Items is ideal for tapas restaurants and other […]


Tipping is ingrained in American restaurant life. We assume the customary 18–20% (or the threat of losing out on this amount!) ensures that service is prompt, professional, and polite. The reality is not so clear. Service quality makes up only 2% of the variance of tips, as concluded by researchers at Cornell University’s Center for […]


It’s not unusual for a table of diners to copy each other. One person orders a martini and suddenly her two companions believe it’s a great idea too. So you enter three martinis into Breadcrumb. Then one of your guests changes her mind. Now it’s simple to Void or Comp that third martini. Double tap […]