Our teams work hard and spend a lot of time together. Folks here love food, restaurants and technology. It turns out during our off hours we also enjoy giving back to the community. Thanks to our fearless volunteering leads, Elena O’Curry and Cristian Supulveda, we’ve done a number of Bay Area clean-ups with the National Parks […]

Staffing a restaurant is hard—really hard. But when you identify that rock-star employee who is as passionate about the business as you are, you want to help him or her shine. Multi-faceted training programs can help dedicated employees discover their full potential. One night, they’re a server; another night, they’re running the floor as a […]

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When it comes to opening up a new restaurant, especially as an industry newbie, space design and layout can make or break the success of your place. Rather than scramble to figure it out for yourself, why not heed some advice from Jamie White of Silverwhite Design—a San Francisco-based design team and winner of the […]

Breadcrumb Live

We know that restaurant owners and managers are busy people. That’s why we’re excited to announce the release of Breadcrumb Live, our first iPhone app designed for restaurateurs to monitor their businesses anytime, anywhere. It gives a real-time snapshot of revenue, orders, transactions, and other useful insights—all with week-over-week comparisons. Key features of Breadcrumb Live […]

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  Customers can now sign and tip directly on the the iPad screen with the latest release of Breadcrumb 2.5.2. Quick serve restaurants, cafes and bars can take advantage of this option and get customers in and out more quickly. The new payment screen includes three tiers of suggested tips that you can customize, eliminating the need for customers […]


According to research done by the National Restaurant Association, Mother’s Day is the most popular day of the year to dine out, with 38 percent of consumers reporting doing so. Want further proof that this will be your busiest day of the year? Check out some more fun facts, below: More than six out of 10 Americans […]


  The latest version of Breadcrumb— 2.5.1— is now live in the app store! Some of the cool new features in this release include the ability to hold items for tapas-style dining, a master checkout report, and enhancements to improve the offline mode experience. Hold Items: Hold Items is ideal for tapas restaurants and other […]