There is a face and story behind the person who’s helping answer some of your most difficult questions! This month we chatted with Nathan Guerriero, Breadcrumb’s customer support manager who also happens to work at a bar that, you guessed it—uses Breadcrumb! What is your role at the company? Currently, I head the Merchant Product […]


As we head into 2015, many small business owners are looking at trends they should take advantage of and others they should avoid. So what about food trucks? There are many benefits, including lower investment cost and the ability to go wherever the customers are. Literally. However, if it’s just a fad, how long will it […]

We love getting feature requests from merchants. They help us make sound decisions and spark creativity among our product and engineering teams. We thank merchants for their suggestions and then… what? Whenever I talk to merchants, they ask, “Why are you guys so secretive about your roadmap?” Well, it’s complicated. But I’m a product development […]

We have a few new features, big and small, just for you and just in time for the holidays! Breadcrumb 2.4.3 is live in the app store and designed to help you, your restaurant, and your staff during this busy season. Read on and enjoy! Some big gifts… Gift Cards Great news for restaurants (and […]